alice sees a party in my future

Pottery Barn has these to die for place card holders that I have my eye on.  Once I saw them I immediately started to figure out a reason to buy them.  I'm thinking I might have to have a pre show party for the Twilight movie.  Anyone want to come?

As I have been checking out sites for new Halloween goodness the last few days it has made me wonder who decides the trends for holidays?  I am still seeing tons of skull stuff for this year. Granted some of it is really cool - Pottery Barn has some nice stuff and Z Gallerie has some nice skull stuff as well but skulls have kind of seen their day.  That is why I was so stoked to see these silver vampire teeth.  Retailers should have run with this theme because I think there is a ton of interest in vampires at the moment.  I also think a nod to creepy haunted house objects would be a great sell - I'm picturing antique replica items with a creepy twist to them.

This time of year seriously makes me giddy with excitement.  Halloween jive is popping up at nearly all the stores (no Target yet - come on people, clear out the school stuff and bring on Halloween)  I love seeing all the holiday goodness!


needs more butter

Check this soap out!  Yes, soap.  How cute is this?  I want this spilling out on my bathroom counter for our next movie night shindig.  Or for my Halloween party 2010 - CarnEVIL.  Yes, I am working on themes that are still years away.  This popcorn soap is seriously so cute!

Just a little blog lesson...when you see a word or words highlighted in bold or a different color in a post it usually indicates a link.  Just click on the word(s) and you will be led to more information.  I have had some questions recently about this so just thought I'd share to make sure no one was missing out.