i can't stay away even while on vacation

I saw these today while visiting One Cool Pick. Love them!

a little down time

On vacation with my family and enjoying the time together. Will be back soon with more party ideas.


imagine the party possiblities

Make your own scratch of lottery ticket - cute and creative, huh?  You can find the directions here.

proper party tools

It is 12:34 am and I am sitting in front of my computer printing out labels for my nephews wedding reception tomorrow night and cutting them out with child sized safety scissors - can anyone tell me where my paper cutter and sharp adult scissors are?  This is crazy!


a little more with the library theme

I saw this headboard over at Instructables and loved it.  I realize it is more in the home decor category but after thinking a bit I'm wondering if it could translate into a table top for a library themed party (or a book club party)  You would probably need to place a glass top over the books to give yourself a smooth surface but I think it might work.  It would look cool.

This works well with the invites I shared yesterday.


how to share files

I have had some requests to share some of my Harry Potter graphics - The Three Broomsticks bag labels as well as some of the candy packaging.  I'm happy to share anything I've done.  

Can anyone help me figure out how to share the pdf files on my blog?  Drop me an email or leave a comment if you can help.  Thanks!

button, button, who's got the button

Look at what Brooke at Jackaroo Love found - adorable button candies from Bake it Pretty.

You can find the tutorial for making these sweet little sweets here.  You can buy the button mold here.  Tell me you're not planning a party in your head right now that incorporates these. My head is spinning with ideas.  I'm off to purchase my button mold.

for my sister and daughter

My sister is a librarian and my daughter is a book fanatic that dreams of working at a bookstore so she can smell the books - you think I am kidding but I'm not.

When I ran across these library themed wedding invites I knew I had to share them - beyond cute and so creative.  Make sure you click the highlighted link to view more photos.

Too bad my sister is already married  - these would have been perfect.  As for my daughter, I could start planning her wedding - do you think 15 is to young to encourage a girl to get married?

your own little soap

You have to head over to Valsey and Me and check out their great individual little soaps - just perfect for dinner guests or weekend guests.  
You can personalize the soaps with any message you choose.

The soaps look great in the box they come in but I also can picture them in a flea market find treasure.  


most creative photo booth

I love finding something I love and I LOVE this photo booth idea found via One Cool Pick. This was created by Sasha Souza Events and Kristen from Bliss Video Productions (photos by Elizabeth Messina)

This is a great idea for a wedding but I think it would be equally fun for a family reunion. We are heading off to a family reunion in less than a week - I wish I had time to pull this off but the next few days are crazy busy - maybe for the next reunion.

Since I still have Harry potter on the brain I'm thinking this might be a cool photo booth for a HP shindig - it is kinda reminiscent of the moving portraits that grace the walls of Hogwarts.

Man I LOVE this idea - I really LOVE this idea - have I made that clear enough?!?!  Super creative - LOVE it!


butter beer please

More Harry Potter goodness found here - what a great presentation.

anything from the trolley, my dears

Since I couldn't pull off a big Harry Potter party like I have before I kept it simple and brought the party to the movie line.  

The first few of us got in line at 4 pm and secured the 4th spot in line with the first three spots being small groups of people.  This allowed us to get great seats once inside the theater.  

We spread blankets and chairs out as we waited for the rest of our party to arrive.  By 9 pm all 31 of us (plus a couple friends that came to hang out in line but not go to the movie) were there. Once we were all assembled we ate take out from The Three Broomsticks
A friend of mine spent hours drawing the Dark Mark on most of the teenagers that were with us

We played games - speed Scrabble, Harry Potter Uno, Harry Potter Scene It and more.

It seems that perhaps we need some help with spelling or access to a few more letters

In addition to our Three Broomsticks dinner we ate candy, candy and more candy (have I mentioned yet that the lack of sleep and abundance of candy have made me feel like vomiting?)

Here are the trolley offerings...
The bottom of the basket was filled with muggle candy - an assortment of chocolate bars but they had to stay hidden because muggle packaging just doesn't mix with wizard packaging.

Butterscotch Disks
Cinnamon Disks - I had to throw a little Twilight shout out it into this packaging

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts.  A good friend had just brought these back for me from Hawaii hence the name.

Candy Dots
There was a lot more candy - some that I did packaging for and some that I left as is.  I wish I had more pictures but in our rush to get out the door to get in line I only managed a few pictures.

As for the movie - we loved it!  As always the Harry Potter movies are a visual feast - the set design, costumes, everything are amazing.  The story line was off from the books a bit but I loved it anyway.  I liked the humor in this film.  In my opinion it is a must see.

a love of labels

It's no secret - I love labels and packaging.  I was thrilled to find these free labels from Eat Drink Chic today.

These aren't the only labels Amy has designed.  Go check out her site for more labels and even more inspiration.


dinner on the beach

There is something special about Summer evenings on the beach here in California.  A favorite activity for our family and friends is meeting at the beach for a night gathered around a bonfire and sharing a meal together.  

After seeing this picture over at Swanky Tables I'm more eager than ever to plan a evening meal at the beach with friends.
These DIY cabanas were created by Kelley Moore and the directions can be found here.

I love the fun stripe that Kelley chose but I'm thinking I might go a bit less colorful for my evening event.  I'm picturing neutrals with perhaps some hints of blues and greens.  Can't you just see a few of these cabanas in the sand surrounded by candles?  Beautiful.  It'll be a great place to lounge and relax while watching the sunset.


starting on the sweets

I've started working on the goodies we'll devour while waiting in line and during the movie.  I am trying to channel my inner Honeydukes employee persona to try and figure out the best wizarding candies and goodies.

I am trying to keep things whimsical, fun, a bit dark "and tasty too" (a virtual high five to the person that can tell me what tv show "and tasty too" comes from)  It is a bit harder then I thought to come up with good packaging ideas that fit the bill

Here is my first attempt

I found these skull pops at a local craft store and bought a few bags specifically for Harry Potter.  I knew I wanted to do some type of special packaging with my initial thought being a card stock header at the top of the plastic.  I still like that idea but decided to first try this crepe paper rosette - it seemed kind of old fashioned and wizard-esque.  Any thoughts?  Does it work?  

I thought they would look cool all lined up in a low sided box with a foam bottom so that all the pops could stick straight up in a line.  

I'm open to better ideas if anyone has any.

missed the 12:01 show

We finally have our 31 Harry Potter tickets in hand but we missed the 12:01 am show.  When the guy at the ticket booth said the midnight show (12:01) was sold out my heart sank until he said are you ok with the 12:02 am show - yea, I guess we can hold out a minute longer if we really have to.

I combined the tickets I showed you earlier with the movie tickets and tucked them all away in black library card pockets - one for each person.  Then I put each into a family group if more than one person is going from a family and tied them all up for safe keeping with twine.

For added protection from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named I have sealed the twine with magical wax (that surprisingly can be found at your local Michael's or other craft store for less then $3 - who knew magical wax could be found locally?!?!)

Now they are just waiting to be delivered - anyone know of some trained owls that are available?  


i'd like to order take out

JUST ADDED APRIL 13, 2010 - you can now download my Three Broomsticks label here.

Another Harry Potter sneak peek (I hope none of the people I'm going with to the movie see these posts - I love keeping stuff like this a surprise)

Since we'll be in line for hours I figured I'd take care of dinner for everyone.  Sitting on the concrete smashed between a million other people waiting to get into the same movie is not conducive to throwing a sit down dinner so I decided to go with the trusty brown bag meal, wizard style.
I have been working on these take out bags from The Three Broomsticks.  The labels are the same process as the Hogwarts Express tickets except that I tea dyed these after printing since they use all black ink.  The label above is just resting on the bag but the finished bags will have the label run through my Xyron machine so that they are secured on the bag really well - one of my pet peeves is labels that are stuck on in only a few spots - I have issues, I know.

Each bag will contain a sandwich, salad, chips, dessert and root beer (packaged as butterbeer) I'm working on packaging for each part of the meal - the chips are proving difficult.  I don't want the current packaging but I'm finding it hard to come up with my own packaging that will contain the chips and keep them from becoming to smashed while still giving me the ability to create what I want.  You'll have to stay tuned to see what I come up with (if I come up with anything)

I'm also working on some sweet treats straight from Honeydukes Sweetshoppe for after dinner. I have done some Honeydukes treats a few years ago for the last book (seen below) but I want to step it up a bit.  

As I get everything done I'll be sure to post pictures.

Thanks to those that have shared ideas - I always love hearing from others about party ideas.  If you know of any good blogs or websites with Harry Potter related party ideas let me know about those as well.  I feel like I have searched the internet high and low and seen every site but I'm sure there are some HP party sites out there that are alluding my muggle senses.

I better get back to work - only 4 days left.

meet me at platform 9 3/4

There is no time in my schedule for a big Harry Potter movie bash but it kills me to not celebrate my favorite boy wizard in some way so I'm putting together a waiting in line party.  

I'm purchasing 29 tickets today for a group of us to attend the midnight showing of Harry Potter on the 15th.  Last night I finished up the Hogwarts Express tickets that each person will get along with their movie ticket.  I'll post pictures of the final packaging/presentation when I'm done.

Tickets done but needing to be cut.  I tea dye paper a lot for various parties.  I always print my info and then tea dye but I learned something this time - anything but black ink bleeds when dyed.  To fix the problem I had to tea dye full sheets of paper before printing.  The highlight of the night was ironing paper on my ironing board because the dying made the paper too wrinkly for the printer. 
Tickets for travel to Hogwarts.

I'm now working on a logo/label for some carry-out dinner bags from The Three Broomsticks. Pictures to follow as soon as I"m done.

If anyone has Harry Potter ideas to share I"d love to hear about them.


ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

step right up and check out this fun, colorful carnival party by Kara over at Kara's Party Ideas.   Kara has a ton (and I do mean a ton) of photos from the big b-day bash so be sure to check out her post (turquoise link above)

Love these photo booth pictures...

and a few more...

You did a great job Kara - I hope you got a long nap after throwing this shindig!

love this leafy idea

It's always a good day when the morning starts with a great creative idea.  

I'm loving this silhouette idea that I found from Photojojo.  These would make great place cards at your party table or I like the idea of using them at a family reunion and creating an amazing family tree.

How would you use these?



Is this not an adorable way to announce a new baby?  It would be an equally cute wedding announcement.
I found it on my niece-in-laws, sister's blog.  Shalynna, I hope you don't care that I shared your news with a bunch of strangers.

flag waving

Saw this idea over at Jackaroo Love who found it at Vintage Glam and just had to share it here as well.  Such a cute simple idea.

These flags were used for a wedding in place of the throwing rice tradition.  I can just picture a line up of guests waving these flags for the happy couple - did I say this was a cute idea because if I didn't I meant to - this is such a cute idea.

Directions can be found here.