starting on the sweets

I've started working on the goodies we'll devour while waiting in line and during the movie.  I am trying to channel my inner Honeydukes employee persona to try and figure out the best wizarding candies and goodies.

I am trying to keep things whimsical, fun, a bit dark "and tasty too" (a virtual high five to the person that can tell me what tv show "and tasty too" comes from)  It is a bit harder then I thought to come up with good packaging ideas that fit the bill

Here is my first attempt

I found these skull pops at a local craft store and bought a few bags specifically for Harry Potter.  I knew I wanted to do some type of special packaging with my initial thought being a card stock header at the top of the plastic.  I still like that idea but decided to first try this crepe paper rosette - it seemed kind of old fashioned and wizard-esque.  Any thoughts?  Does it work?  

I thought they would look cool all lined up in a low sided box with a foam bottom so that all the pops could stick straight up in a line.  

I'm open to better ideas if anyone has any.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

I Love Lucy, Right?!!! Vetavitavegamin!...: D

Those pops are adorable!!

denise said...

You got it Chris! Such a funny episode.

Thanks for the compliment on the pops.

Keli Massie said...

What great ideas (and how lucky are those movie buddies of yours!). Where did you find the design for the tickets and label for the bags?

denise said...

Keli - I designed the tickets and labels in Adobe Illustrator but any design software would work.

Susan Crabtree said...

love the packaging & all your ideas! I mentioned your harry potter ideas this morning on my blog!


I am so impressed!
You have done such a great job.We are going to the premiere of Harry Potter next week and I wish I had been more on the ball.Kudos to you,

Aimee Friedrich said...

very cool! that's going to be so much fun. maybe check out the scene in the first one when they're sitting on the train eating all of their treats for some ideas.

Kendra said...

I love all of your Harry Potter stuff! I featured it on my blog today. You'll have to give us the full report!

Sam said...

You're amazing! I love your Harry Potter parties. Hey, you may already know about this site, but SMeltery has some great free fonts you might use for your parties and stuff: http://www.smeltery.net/. Later!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Have fun at the movie today! We are going to the 12:20 and we will get there at 10:30 to get a good seat!

Take pictures!