dinner on the beach

There is something special about Summer evenings on the beach here in California.  A favorite activity for our family and friends is meeting at the beach for a night gathered around a bonfire and sharing a meal together.  

After seeing this picture over at Swanky Tables I'm more eager than ever to plan a evening meal at the beach with friends.
These DIY cabanas were created by Kelley Moore and the directions can be found here.

I love the fun stripe that Kelley chose but I'm thinking I might go a bit less colorful for my evening event.  I'm picturing neutrals with perhaps some hints of blues and greens.  Can't you just see a few of these cabanas in the sand surrounded by candles?  Beautiful.  It'll be a great place to lounge and relax while watching the sunset.

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Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

I want to be sitting there...right. now.