meet me at platform 9 3/4

There is no time in my schedule for a big Harry Potter movie bash but it kills me to not celebrate my favorite boy wizard in some way so I'm putting together a waiting in line party.  

I'm purchasing 29 tickets today for a group of us to attend the midnight showing of Harry Potter on the 15th.  Last night I finished up the Hogwarts Express tickets that each person will get along with their movie ticket.  I'll post pictures of the final packaging/presentation when I'm done.

Tickets done but needing to be cut.  I tea dye paper a lot for various parties.  I always print my info and then tea dye but I learned something this time - anything but black ink bleeds when dyed.  To fix the problem I had to tea dye full sheets of paper before printing.  The highlight of the night was ironing paper on my ironing board because the dying made the paper too wrinkly for the printer. 
Tickets for travel to Hogwarts.

I'm now working on a logo/label for some carry-out dinner bags from The Three Broomsticks. Pictures to follow as soon as I"m done.

If anyone has Harry Potter ideas to share I"d love to hear about them.


jociegal said...

These are so adorable. I love everything you post on here.

Harley Dee said...

These are just awesome. I'm buying my tickets today too.. I can't wait :)

Susan Crabtree said...

such a cute idea! don't forget the butter beers & treats from honeydukes! besides a costume contest, how about having a harry potter trivia contest while waiting in line? you could award small prizes like glowsticks & bertie bott's beans to the winners! or you could have the "sorting hat" sort the kids into the different houses? can't wait to see what you come up with!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

OMG Denise! I didn't know you were doing all of this for the movie!

We have tickets for the first afternoon show on Wednesday. I would love to "borrow" your ideas for when we are waiting in line in the morning. We a HUGE harry fans. My oldest has read the entire series 3 times!

Fabulous job!

Steph said...

will you post these online? they are So cute! We are doing a HP Reunion in August and we have gotten so many GREAT last minute ideas from your website.

Hermione said...

I want to go to platform 9 3/4 !!!

Domestic Scribbles said...

I would love to copy your ticket idea! Can you help me with this? I am having a Harry Potter birthday party for my daughter! Thank you - your ideas are amazing!!!

Stacy said...

Really nice job! I bet your guests cherished them and have them now to commemorate a wonderful evening. Love the tea stain. :)