harry potter party - pre party concert

My family is just as excited as I am with all out Potter Party planning.  Our whole house is geeking out a bit about all things Harry Potter these days so you can only imagine the thrill my teenage daughters got when they found out Harry and the Potters, a well-known (if you're a HP nerd) wizard rock group was doing a concert in our area as part of their Ride the Lightning Tour.

Off they went with their friends to go get their wizard rock on and they enjoyed every minute of it.  They even took a party invitation to give to the band secretly hoping they might want to come and party at Hogwarts with us.

Here are my cute, nerdy girls (the two in white shirts and ties) flanking half of Harry and the Potters - just not sure which half.

We are for sure getting our fill of Harry Potter around here and we couldn't be happier.   We are especially thrilled about the new Pottermore.  Have you heard about it? Oh, JK Rowling...we love you!


harry potter party - the invitations

Here is the invitation that was (still is) being delivered to guests for our upcoming Harry Potter party.  Invite is printed on parchment paper and inserted in parchment envelopes - both of which were purchased at Staples.  The envelopes were then tied up with twine and a wax seal was added to the back of the envelope by simply burning a candle. I will try to get a picture to post later today.

These invites are long (3 pages) so I realize they may not appeal to everyone, especially those wanting a simple invite.  We wanted an invite that helped create a story for our party, that made our guests feel like they were part of something big from the beginning.

The font for those that are interested is Popsies.

To All Wizards of South Orange County,
By now you must be aware that Voldemort is back and rallying his followers in an attempt to destroy all that is right and good in the world.  We cannot let this happen!  We are calling on all magical beings throughout the world to unite in fighting against the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters.  We will need every wizard we can get to defeat him and so we ask you to join us.
Thousands of wizards have fought bravely for the cause, and too many have lost their lives in the process.  Times are desperate and we must all be willing to sacrifice our very lives to save the world as we know it.   We have chosen to rally all of our forces to one spot in an attempt to finish off Voldemort and his evil cohorts.
Severus Snape, the evil usurper of Professor Dumbledore’s position as Headmaster of Hogwarts will be leaving the school to meet with the Dark Lord to finalize their plans of destruction.  We will use Snape’s absence to our advantage by establishing a portkey in your area to transport you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where the greatest wizard of all, Albus Dumbledore, taught so many of us why and how to fight against dark magic.
We recognize that many of you are more familiar with the modern traditions of your own American wizardry, and may not completely understand the wizarding heritage of this part of the world.  This gathering will allow you to join us at Hogwarts for some fun and frivolity as you become familiar with the rich 
traditions of the school but will also allow you to see first-hand what has been happening here as we prepare for war.
If, after spending some time at Hogwarts, you do not feel inclined to unite with us in this great battle, we understand.  There will be a portkey prepared to take you home.  However, be warned that you will only be safe for a time if we are not successful in our efforts to defeat the Dark Lord.
Please join us Saturday, July 9th at Number xxxx xxxxxxxxxx in the muggle city of xxxxxxxxxxxxx.   A portkey will be in effect from 7pm in the evening on and you will be transported to Hogwarts when you touch the front door handle.
In order for us to ensure that the portkey is prepared to handle the number of wizards that will be joining us, kindly log on to a muggle computer at www.facebook.com/xxxxxxxxxxx and indicate your intentions on the wall by posting one of the following code words…  
planning to attend - code word: fidelis
unable to attend - code word: irritus
It is of the utmost importance that you use the code word only.  No other correspondence should be used on the wall.  If you do not have access to facebook please text your name and code word to xxx-xxx-xxx.  
You should only use the above number if you do not have facebook.
Once informed of your acceptance to join us we will send you more info via facebook (or other means if necessary) We apologize for having to share information with you in this way but we have been forced to use this crude muggle form of communication because Death Eaters are monitoring the floo network and owls are being intercepted regularly.
We look forward to meeting each of you and are confident that after spending some time at our beloved school you will be inspired to help us stamp out the darkness that threatens to take over our world. 
Minerva McGonagall, 


harry potter party - i heart nice people (and etsy)

One aspect of our Harry Potter party will be the sorting ceremony.    With 100+ guests all arriving close to the same time I need this part of the party to go quickly and smoothly.  

My idea...as guests arrive they will put on the sorting hat and be sorted into one of four houses... Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff.  In order to find out what house they belong to each guest will draw one of these fantastic pins out of a bag.  I. LOVE. THEM!!

Not only will guests get sorted - they will have a little party favor to keep after the party.

I ran across these pins on Etsy from a great seller skycoture.  You can check out the whole shop here.  Jera has been amazing to work with...working with me on quantity, pricing and shipping.  I really can't say enough about how positive an experience it has been.  Now granted, I have not yet received my 130 house pins or my 50 azkaban pins (check them out)  More on how this are being incorporated into the party later.

but if the process so far is any indication how the rest of my transaction will go I'm not at all worried.

I kinda heart Jera and all the other Etsy artist out there.  I can't even begin to tell you how Etsy has helped me with all my Potter planning.


harry potter party - the original harry potter party girl

Britta from Britta.com is in my opinion the queen of Harry Potter parties.  She has thrown Hogwarts celebrations for sometime and is into the little details (that's what I love about her).  You can check out her HP inspired shindigs here but make sure you check out her whole site and see what else she has done.

Yesterday and today have been devoted to recreating some of the Honeydukes candy boxes for our guests. I found various chocolate frog templates yesterday and spent lots of time cutting, gluing, etc. only to come up with a perfectly shaped box with no graphics on it.  I've been racking my computer illiterate brain trying to figure out how to do a graphic on the perfect box when the Harry Potter heavens opened today and I found Britta's Etsy shop (can you hear the angels singing Hallelujah?)

Not only did I find the chocolate frog box with graphics as well as cutting & assembling instructions (oh, it also had wizard cards too)

but she also had Bertie Botts packaging.  I have searched for days for these boxes with no such luck so I was thrilled to find Britta had taken care of it all - I just had to purchase, print and get to cutting and assembling.

I am giddy with excitement over these finds and wanted to share them with any of you that may be celebrating HP style in the coming weeks.  Our party is exactly one month from today - I gotta get busy!


harry potter party - house ties

With the countdown to Harry Potter in full swing we are in total HP mode here preparing for the final bash.

I'd like to post frequently about all we are doing to celebrate but if I'm being honest I'm not sure that will happen - my health is still not 100% and the party planning + life in general is about all I can handle.  I do however want to share ideas with others who may be planning a Harry Potter party so I'll do my best at posting - just don't expect beautifully written and photo laden posts.

Our current guest list is at 100 high school aged kids.  To that we'll be adding some families that we know love Harry as much as we do (or at least love a good party)  The invites are all done up and saved on my computer - I just need to get them printed up and put together for delivery.  Once they are out I'll post an invite for you all to see.

Today I'm working on my order from Oriental Trading.  First thing in my basket are these guys.  The plan...guests can hit up Madam Malkins and make themselves a house tie using these inexpensive cardboard ties & colored duct tape.  Once I have the supplies in hand I'll make up a sample and try to get it posted.