harry potter party - pre party concert

My family is just as excited as I am with all out Potter Party planning.  Our whole house is geeking out a bit about all things Harry Potter these days so you can only imagine the thrill my teenage daughters got when they found out Harry and the Potters, a well-known (if you're a HP nerd) wizard rock group was doing a concert in our area as part of their Ride the Lightning Tour.

Off they went with their friends to go get their wizard rock on and they enjoyed every minute of it.  They even took a party invitation to give to the band secretly hoping they might want to come and party at Hogwarts with us.

Here are my cute, nerdy girls (the two in white shirts and ties) flanking half of Harry and the Potters - just not sure which half.

We are for sure getting our fill of Harry Potter around here and we couldn't be happier.   We are especially thrilled about the new Pottermore.  Have you heard about it? Oh, JK Rowling...we love you!


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Haha this is amazing. I attend this birthday party in Harry Potter theme and golly, you should've seen everyone dressed up as wizards from Hogwarts. :D

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