harry potter party - the original harry potter party girl

Britta from Britta.com is in my opinion the queen of Harry Potter parties.  She has thrown Hogwarts celebrations for sometime and is into the little details (that's what I love about her).  You can check out her HP inspired shindigs here but make sure you check out her whole site and see what else she has done.

Yesterday and today have been devoted to recreating some of the Honeydukes candy boxes for our guests. I found various chocolate frog templates yesterday and spent lots of time cutting, gluing, etc. only to come up with a perfectly shaped box with no graphics on it.  I've been racking my computer illiterate brain trying to figure out how to do a graphic on the perfect box when the Harry Potter heavens opened today and I found Britta's Etsy shop (can you hear the angels singing Hallelujah?)

Not only did I find the chocolate frog box with graphics as well as cutting & assembling instructions (oh, it also had wizard cards too)

but she also had Bertie Botts packaging.  I have searched for days for these boxes with no such luck so I was thrilled to find Britta had taken care of it all - I just had to purchase, print and get to cutting and assembling.

I am giddy with excitement over these finds and wanted to share them with any of you that may be celebrating HP style in the coming weeks.  Our party is exactly one month from today - I gotta get busy!


Susan Crabtree said...

I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!

Sophie Grace said...

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