movie night

How about making a few of these bowls for your next movie night - totally cute, right?  You can find directions for making your own DIY bowl here.


looking for a bright spot in my day

Our move is in 2 weeks so my life is all packing all the time.  I took a bit of a break this morning and roamed around the internet while waiting for some stuff to download and I ran across these beyond adorable candles.  They are party perfect in so many ways!

You can find them here at Pketo!  Here is the description from the site:

How clever and cute are these? Perfect for celebrating happy, spontaneous moments and sharing memories with those around you.  Designed to look like an ordinary book of matches but inside are 10 small candles. Candles can be lit as attached or you can break them off to put on a birthday cake or a cupcake. Carry them with you to celebrate someone’s birthday, engagement, or for an instant candle light dinner with your love. You’ll get 4 different books in different colors of pink, yellow, green, blue, in a pack

I love these and finding them added a little bright spot to my otherwise stress filled day.


SHOWERing apprecitation

I just finished my morning read over at Stem Parties and I had to share what Amy, at Stem, is up to.  

She is involved in Operation Shower.  Operation Shower is a non profit group that recognizes and honors the sacrifices military families make by producing and coordinating  baby showers and "showers-in-a-box" for pregnant and expecting military personnel and their families.

They have a big spring fundraiser coming up, "April Flowers Bring May Showers"  This fundraiser will allow then to hold baby showers in May at Fort Hood in Texas and Fort Scott in Illinois.   

They are looking for any vendors that night want to contribute to this great cause.  If you are interested contact Amy at Stem.

I love this idea and wish Operation Shower a ton of success.  I appreciate the sacrifices made by so many men and women as they work to defend the rights, freedoms and liberties of our country.  

Amy, a big thank you to you and so many others that are reaching out in support of the brave men and women that serve in our military.


for your little gunslinger

Found these adorable mustaches over at Little Birdie Secrets this morning and thought they'd make a perfect little party favor for a cowboy shoot-out at the OK Corral.  What little guy wouldn't love a cowboy party?  Heck, they'd be fun for an adult party too!


stuck on you

Well hello gorgeous labels.  Where have you been my whole life?

Do you not love the shape of these labels?  Stuck Labels has really stuck it (yes, a very bad pun) with these new designer labels already cut into a perfectly fun, fancy shape.  Think of the time saved - no more hours of cutting out intricate designs.  I have spent far too much of my life cutting labels out that I thought were the perfect shape only to find myself some hours later ready to stick the scissors or exacto knife in my eye.

Some of Stuck Labels products come already designed you just need to personalize with your own wording.  The above stickers though come as you see them - blank, so you need to have some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or similar program so that you can add your own touch.

Just had to share these great little labels!


i'll admit it...

I'm a total Harry Potter geek. I've got a secret crush on Harry and Ron and secretly wish that I was a wizard - don't judge me, just love me.

It is no surprise than that I can hardly wait for the next movie to come out in July. Just check out this trailer - look at the sets! If I can't be a wizard oh how I wish I could be a set designer on these films.

Big party plans to go along with the movie. To see our previous Harry party check out the post below.

very harry ideas

Even though our home move has me feeling stressed and way busy I keep swirling Harry Potter ideas around for a movie release party for the above mentioned movie.  Did I mention I'm kinda a Harry Potter geek?  Do the movie sets make anyone else's heart race and fill you with an inner desire to fly all your friends to England to hold a shindig in an old magical castle?

Our last HP party for the release of the last book was a ton of fun.  The party was open house style and those of us that wanted to left the party and headed over to Borders for the release of the book.  For the party I did what I could to recreate Hogwarts and various other magical locations.  You can see some pictures that my brother took here.  

Some of my favorites from the party were the wand boxes I made.  One of the activities was making wands and then each person got one of the handmade wand boxes to take their wand home in.  I also liked my Honeydukes candy packaging (I think there is a picture of some of the candy)  Herbology turned out to be a great little food station and I liked the coziness of Divination class.

If anyone has some great Harry Potter ideas please share them here so I can begin planning for our next Harry Hoopla!