stuck on you

Well hello gorgeous labels.  Where have you been my whole life?

Do you not love the shape of these labels?  Stuck Labels has really stuck it (yes, a very bad pun) with these new designer labels already cut into a perfectly fun, fancy shape.  Think of the time saved - no more hours of cutting out intricate designs.  I have spent far too much of my life cutting labels out that I thought were the perfect shape only to find myself some hours later ready to stick the scissors or exacto knife in my eye.

Some of Stuck Labels products come already designed you just need to personalize with your own wording.  The above stickers though come as you see them - blank, so you need to have some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or similar program so that you can add your own touch.

Just had to share these great little labels!

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Annie said...

Beautiful photo! I really love these labels too! They were brilliant deciding to make them. Thanks for the pohst