looking for a bright spot in my day

Our move is in 2 weeks so my life is all packing all the time.  I took a bit of a break this morning and roamed around the internet while waiting for some stuff to download and I ran across these beyond adorable candles.  They are party perfect in so many ways!

You can find them here at Pketo!  Here is the description from the site:

How clever and cute are these? Perfect for celebrating happy, spontaneous moments and sharing memories with those around you.  Designed to look like an ordinary book of matches but inside are 10 small candles. Candles can be lit as attached or you can break them off to put on a birthday cake or a cupcake. Carry them with you to celebrate someone’s birthday, engagement, or for an instant candle light dinner with your love. You’ll get 4 different books in different colors of pink, yellow, green, blue, in a pack

I love these and finding them added a little bright spot to my otherwise stress filled day.


janae said...

So cute! The candles remind me of menorahs ... which brings up my secret desire to celebrate Hanukkah one year, just so my kids know what it is and why the Jewish people celebrate it. I want to throw a Hanukkah shin-dig some time, too. You know, a cultural appreciation thing. :)

Dot O said...

Really neato!!! Hope your day stays "bright"!