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Even though our home move has me feeling stressed and way busy I keep swirling Harry Potter ideas around for a movie release party for the above mentioned movie.  Did I mention I'm kinda a Harry Potter geek?  Do the movie sets make anyone else's heart race and fill you with an inner desire to fly all your friends to England to hold a shindig in an old magical castle?

Our last HP party for the release of the last book was a ton of fun.  The party was open house style and those of us that wanted to left the party and headed over to Borders for the release of the book.  For the party I did what I could to recreate Hogwarts and various other magical locations.  You can see some pictures that my brother took here.  

Some of my favorites from the party were the wand boxes I made.  One of the activities was making wands and then each person got one of the handmade wand boxes to take their wand home in.  I also liked my Honeydukes candy packaging (I think there is a picture of some of the candy)  Herbology turned out to be a great little food station and I liked the coziness of Divination class.

If anyone has some great Harry Potter ideas please share them here so I can begin planning for our next Harry Hoopla!

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Kendra said...

Wow! How would you ever top that party? Looks like a lot of work, but a ton of fun! I especially love the potions and their labels!