big move coming up so not much time to post

but wanted to share this great party idea....

I love everything about this Nancy Drew Mystery Party.  You have to check it out!

Want to throw this party too?  Just visit Paper and Cakes Etsy shop and buy everything you need for $5.00.  Yes, you heard me right - 5 smackaroos - now that's a deal!

On a non party note...I apologize for the serious lack of posts.  We have been busy with the whirlwind we call moving.  After listing our house it quickly sold in 8 days and we were on to the next step of finding a new abode. We think we have found our future party house but there is lots to do before we are able to throw a housewarming shindig.


another great party from brit

If you haven't checked out the creative genius over at Most Likely Late you better get on over there.  Brittany is amazingly talented and throws a pretty dang good shindig!  Visit her blog to see more pictures of this fun cookies and milk safari themed baby shower.

Elisa York created the cute invites - I'm loving the graphic.  I just checked out her blog for the first time today and I'm loving it too.  I'd encourage you to check it out and find some inspiration.