i think i'm in love

I have an obsession - I love fonts, type, letters, words.  Now I can bring my love of type and parties together with these personalized creations from Shapeways.  

Imagine how great this napkin rings or candles would look on your party table.  I seriously want these!

You can jet on over to Head of the Table where a giveaway is going on to win a napkin ring design from Shapeway - what an amazing prize to win.  I have to admit though that my selfish self hopes that none of you enter so that I can win this typography goodness.  My kind giving self hopes that all of you win - such inner conflict :)

found some milk bottles

After seeing the cute little milk snowmen that I previously posted about I started a brief search to find milk bottles.  I found these pictured above.  They aren't cheap $150 for 24 but you can use them over and over again - just like any regular drinking glass.  

I'm still on the hunt for a cheaper source but at least I know they are available.  When I have time for a longer search I'll let you know what I found or if any of you find a great source for these milk bottles please let me know.


could this be cuter?

I am loving these little guys found over at Better Homes and Garden.  How cute would these be on a holiday party table?