do you feel ignored?

Oh party blog how I miss you.

I am here but can't seem to find a minute to post.  I'm in the thick of planning the before mentioned formal as well as a few other shindigs...

  • Daughter's sweet 16 party with an 80's theme (how am I old enough - I still feel like a 16 yr old sometimes)
  • Lost finale party - I'll have to post photos of a small gift I delivered to a few friends for the premiere of the last season.  Can't wait to have a finale party. 
  • 40th birthday parties for the husband and me - would like to make this party a weekend trip to NY but not sure if that is going to happen
  • A travel party - when we go on vacations with friends or family we like to make it a party - matching jammies, t-shirts, party favors, etc.  We are heading out the end of May for a trip so the planning has begun.  I'll have to share photos of some past travel parties.
Don't count me out - I'll be back as soon as I can.