7 month countdown...is that too long?

Because of previously mentioned health problems our Harry Potter 7 movie party did not happen.  Instead I bought 48 tickets to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows so my two teenage girls could enjoy a long night with friends.  And no, I was not kind enough to pay for all those tickets myself (in case you were wondering)

I ended up not going (trust me when I say...it killed me to not be at the midnight showing) but I did drop off dinner and treats to the big crew waiting in line so I did get to enjoy a bit of the excitement that surrounds big movie releases.  

I also dropped off Hedwig cupcakes to the theater employees to thank them for putting up with all the crazy Harry fans.  These are not my cupcakes (I apologize for not knowing where this photo is from) but this is the picture I used for inspiration.  I used white frosting and vanilla Oreos to make my cupcakes resemble Hedwig.  I thought I had a few pictures but they seem to be lost on my highly unorganized slew of pictures on my computer.

So with Part 1 of Harry Potter gone and only one movie remaining before it all comes to an end I have resolved to spend the next 7 months in planning for the biggest Harry Potter shindig ever.  Sure 7 months may seem like a long time but  I'll need it if I want to create the party I have in my mind (plus my husband will say it will take that long to save some money to bank roll this little soiree)  Plus the extra time will be helpful as I try to get things done while dealing with my health.

So as of now I'm still in the planning stages - compiling ideas in computer files and accordion folders that get bigger each day.  I love all the ideas I come across but will also be working in some of the past Harry Potter ideas I've used.  Here is one I used for the premiere of the 6th movie.

You can read more about it here and find a link to download the label to use for your own party.

ADDED...I just realized there is a typo - I spelled Britain wrong.  I will try to fix it as soon as possible and repost.