looking back

I have been browsing through photos on the computer (really I should be unpacking boxes - yes, I still have unpacked boxes from our move - does it ever end?)  I ran across this single picture from a 40th birthday I planned for a friend.  

This is the only picture from that night.  I have no pictures of the invites, the place settings, the truffles packaged in champagne glasses, etc. but I do have this picture and I love it!  This is one of my favorite party pics of all times.  Do I wish I had pictures of the details?  Sure.  But this picture more than any other helps me truly remember the party, the friends that I laughed with, the experiences that were shared.  This picture allows me to not focus on the details of the party but the feelings.

Sometimes it is easy for us party loving folks to get excited and caught up in the creative, little details and there is nothing wrong with that but do we sometimes get so caught up in it all that we don't even enjoy the party itself - do we miss out on the experience of being together with family and friends?  I know I do sometimes.

Enjoy your next party.  Have fun creating it but give your self time the day of the party to breath and just be.  Take in the moment.