more political party fun

I was checking out the 2 Clever blog (hadn't visited there before) and found this information about the American Institute of Graphic Arts....The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) encouraged their members to make posters to motivate people to vote in this election. There are over 266 posters that you can download and print out and spread around your neighborhood.
The graphics on some of these posters is amazing and can be utilized in a bunch of ways for the upcoming political parties that are sure to be taking place on Nov. 4th.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to incorporate them into my festivities.  I thought about framing them in some spray painted red frames - it would look cool but seems predictable.  I could use them as table covers?  I'd love to see them attached to the backs of chairs at a table but my get together will be pretty informal so no sitting down to dinner.  Any ideas?  I'd love to hear them.

You can get your own downloadable posters HERE.


the hostess does it again

I love everything that Jenn over at Hostess with the Mostess does. She is beyond creative!  I know most of my readers probably read HWTM too so forgive me if you have seen this idea but I just had to post it.

Lately I have been all about the DIY projects that are easy and don't cost much.  Let's face it - parties can be expensive (just ask my husband who foots the party bills at our house)  Many people are facing tough economic times right now but we shouldn't let a lack of funds stop the party.  If anything, we need some good shindigs to keep us going in the tough times.

So look at what Jenn came up with...

How wonderfully spooktacular are these candle holders?  You love them, don't you?!?!?  Well check out how easy it is to make your own.  

They are made from nylons - yes nylons and some ribbon.  I always have Halloween type nylons left each year that someone wore for a costume and they never get worn again. Problem solved now.  Those old nylons will make a great little cover for my glass cylinders
No nylons?  How about using some inexpensive tulle - Halloween glamour!
Now get your mind going...how can you move this idea beyond Halloween?  I have seen brightly colored striped nylons - circus table anyone?  How about the colorful swirly pattern nylons I've seen at costumes store - I can see a groovy 60's table.  Or go basic - a simple white or cream nylon (patterned or not) would work for a wedding.  

The ideas are endless with this DIY idea.  Thanks Jenn for yet again providing so much party inspiration!


the prognosis, doctor?

I'm always on the look out for creative new ideas and I love this one that I found from Charisma.

These invites are for a Halloween party and they are in no way your typical Halloween invite. The "lab envelope" comes with an x-ray (you'll have to read how she pulled off the x-rays) and a medical record sheet that creatively gives all the party information.  I am so diggin' the creativity that is oozing from this invite.  To read more about these invites head on over to Charisma...Design to Attract.

thanks to the ex boyfriend for the mix tape of love songs

I came across this idea over at Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest.  I love the graphic look of this closet and thought for a minute..."how can I turn this idea into a party?"

A while back I posted a brief little post about an 80's party - one day I'm going to throw this party. This cassette tape idea would translate perfectly into a party idea for a totally tubular 80's theme.  I am picturing cassette tapes covering a square or rectangle table with a piece of glass over top to keep it all steady and smooth.  Admit it, it would look cool.

So now I'm off to dig through the boxes containing my most precious high school possessions and hopefully I'll find all those love song mix tapes from my multitude of admirers (all three of them)  Maybe I won't be finding quite enough tapes to cover a table - perhaps I better hit Goodwill.

a break from politics to be thankful

We interrupt our political party planning to talk about that most thankful of holidays - Thanksgiving.

I was over at Tangarang and saw these adorable (let me repeat) adorable felted acorns.  They are from Etsy designer truLuxe and would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table.

If Thanksgiving isn't at your home this year but you know you'll just die if you can't get your hands on these fabulous felt finds then consider ordering some and using them for hostess gifts. I love how a beautiful leather journal is spruced up by the addition of the little yellow acorn. 

political party - place your vote

I can tell where my day is going - hours on the computer searching out fun, new ideas for the party in my head (see previous post)  Sometimes a girl just needs to take a break from real life and plan a party - is that so bad?

Here is my next political party idea (you are getting the play on words, aren't you?!?!?) Political party = democrat, republican, etc. vs. political party = woo-hoo it's a party - food, drinks, friends and fun.

Back to the idea...

The plan is to set up cardboard voting booths throughout the party area as food stations. For an extra bit of fun you could even have ballots listing the names of each food item and let your guests vote on their favorite.  

I'm currently researching out the best prices for these little cardboard beauties - they seem to run around 25 dollars. You may have luck googling "cardboard voter booth" and finding them in your area to cut down on shipping costs.  

Does anyone have other ideas for these booths?  Share them here.

political party - hand it to the candidates

I am always planning parties in my head - some end up happening, some stay in my noggin forever wishing that they had escaped.  The one jumping around now in my head is a Nov. 4th election shindig.
I have seen a lot of great election/political party stuff floating around the blogosphere.  So I'm compiling my favorites here at Little Ant hoping that it will motivate me to actually get this party out of my head and do some partying come Nov. 4th.

My first fave political party idea are these finger puppets from Fold US Candidate.  This would be a fun party activity as well as a great little party favor.
The other plus is that you can print them right from the computer throw in some scissors and glue and you wont have a financial crisis - we all know what a political hot button that is.

Speaking of saving money...use political yard signs as decorations. Collect signs between now and Nov 4th - the legal way, please.  No sign stealing - that's not becoming of the party obsessed.  Contact the various campaigns and find out how to get a sign but be sure to gather signs for both sides because some of your party guests may have differing views then you do and thats ok.
Check back for more ideas for my political party or leave a comment sharing your ideas for a great election day party.


more marcie

Remember my post about Marcie.  She put together the ghostly table that I love.  Well now look what she has done.  

I am totally digging these glitter pedestals.  What do you think?  Probably too pricey, right?  
I thought they might be until I learned they were made from this...

and this...

That's right - paper plates and wooden candlesticks.  Brilliant idea!  I want these on my mantle for Halloween.  To get the directions head on over to Marcie's post and then get working on your own glittery goodness.


creative guest book

I think I finally found a reason to pull my little black typewriter out of my hall closet.

I found this idea over at Kelley Moore's blog this morning.  What a great idea for a guest book!


ghostly table

Time is short but I just had to post this table that Marcie put together.  I love it and just wanted to share it with all of my party loving readers.

Marcie got the idea of a glowing table after seeing some illuminated lucite boxes.  She wanted the same effect and came up with her own DIY version - lamps under the table.  Easy and cheap with huge impact - you go Marcie!  

I love the ghostly effect of this glowing table.  Although I'm not having my annual Halloween party this year (moment of silence please) I'm thinking about trying out this ghostly table on Halloween night.  What a great place to have our treats set up for trick or treaters.

Marcie is in the midst of planning her own Halloween bash so if you are interested in seeing what else Marcie is cooking up in her cauldron of creativity go visit her at her blog A Life Made by Marcie. Tell her I said hi!


rest in peace

Oh that I was really resting or at peace.  

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late.  I have taken on a big project that is keeping me way busy and will continue to do so for the next few weeks.  My blogging will be periodic for a bit but never fear I will be back full force in November to talk party.


get your spook on: 80's toy

So this has nothing to do with parties but it is Halloween related and I love it.  Really, who wouldn't want a haunted house full of Weebles?

The more I think about it you could turn this into a party.  How about an 80's themed Halloween party - the fashions and hair-do's were pretty scary.  Everyone can dress in their favorite 80's finery.  Play some Atari and pull out the Rubik's Cube.  Get some vintage MTV videos gong on a big screen.  This could be a lot of fun.

Just a note...I realize that Weebles are really more of a 70's toys but remember those of us that were 80's teenagers were 70's kids and we played with our fair share of Weebles.


sorry for the wait

And the winner is...

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Comment #25 is Naomi.  Congratulations!  Check your inbox for an email from me and we'll get the prize details all worked out.

A big thanks to Tim Turner for allowing Little Ant Design to hold this giveaway.  For those of you that did not win I would encourage you to head over to The Ghoulish Gallery and make a purchase.  Tim's work truly is outstanding - you will be thrilled having any of his portraits haunting your home for Halloween.  If you do order let them know that Little Ant Design sent you.

Thanks to everyone for participating - happy haunting!

busy morning

The Ghoulish Gallery Giveaway winner will be announced later today.


ghoulish giveaway ends today

The Ghoulish Gallery Giveaway will be departing this evening at 12 pm pst.  Do not miss your chance to take home one of Tim Turners spooktacular portraits.  You can enter the giveaway here.  If you haven't checked out the gallery yet please take a minute to do so now.  You will be amazed at the changing portraits offered.

Winner will be chosen using an random number generator and announced here at Little Ant Design tomorrow.  I'm dying to see who wins!


location, location, location

I love this intimate dinner party from Jordan over at Oh Happy Day. The location is perfect. From Jordan's blog..."The party was set up smack dab in the middle of the Aquatic Park pier. There was the Golden Gate Bridge on one side, Alcatraz behind us, and all the lights of the city and Ghiradelli Square on the other side."  Don't you wish you had been invited?

Her post about this party made me think about what an important role location can play in a party.  Sometimes the simplest of parties can be made fabulous with a great location.

Quite a few years back my husband and I threw an Alias party.  Alias was a spy show starring Jennifer Garner that aired some years ago. The party was simple - a scavenger hunt type activity where teams searched for clues in an effort to reach the end prize followed by a dinner.  The dinner was especially simple - bagged lunches.  Yes, you heard me...bagged lunches but the dinner didn't matter much because of the party location.
We had dinner on the the roof of a building.  We had to scale the side of the building (very spy like) carrying our bagged lunches, I might add.  Tables, chairs and simple table decorations were waiting on the roof for us to enjoy our bagged delicacies.  It was all very simple but the location took it over the top and made it a party that people remember.

The next time you want to plan a party find an amazing location and then plan simple - no labor intensive centerpieces, no fine china, etc. It's all about location, location, location.


project runway finale + breast cancer = project pink

Ideas - I need ideas!

I have had this idea brewing in my head for the last couple of days and I'm not sure how to move forward with it.  So I send an appeal out to all of you party people - share some ideas with me.

I'm a Project Runway fan - I mean, who isn't?  If you aren't - don't tell me.  I want to still think highly of you :)  I wanted to throw a little shindig together for the finale of the show but wanted it to have some purpose.  With October being breast cancer awareness month and having a very dear friend afflicted by cancer I wanted to join Project Runway and breast cancer into a perfectly pink viewing party...Project Pink.

The problem...not sure where to go with it.  I can have a pink candies/sweets bar (channeling my inner Amy Atlas) watch the finale but what else?  It seams like I should have material, info, gift bags, something to educate guests about breast cancer and  encourage them to get to the doctor for mammograms.  I'd like to do something in honor of my friend that continues to fight this long battle against this nasty disease but what?

Help!  With all the party jive that continually floats through my head you'd think I could come up with something but I'm at a loss.


For those of you looking for wedding invitations, birth announcements, shower invites, holiday cards and more you need to check out Webtations - a new site I just found.

How it works...

1.  Search and select an invitation, announcement or card that fits your style
2.  Purchase online and your stationery will download to your computer as a pdf. file
3.  Customize your stationery with your information by adding and deleting type
4.  print on your home computer or at a local commercial printer

It's that simple.  As someone that has spent hours helping brides create invitations I love this idea!  

Here are just a few of the designs I like...

As a child of the 80's I was instantly drawn to the baby announcement below.  

I think this is one of my favorites.  I love the simplicity of this baby shower invite.
With Christmas quickly approaching we should all be thinking about our holiday cards.  

This is just a small sampling of what is available over at Webtations.  You really need to get yourself over there and check it out for yourselves.


get your spook on: DIY candles

Here is an inexpensive & safe way to add some great drama to your Halloween party.  I love these DIY candles from Dave Lowe.

Nothing more than a cheap battery operated pumpkin votive, toilet paper tube, paint, match sticks, an old candle stick (hit up Goodwill) and a glue gun.  You can find directions here.


get your spook on: a ghoulish giveaway

It’s time to haunt your home with this Ghoulish giveaway from Tim Turner, owner of The Goulish Gallery.  One lucky Little Ant reader will win a haunted masterpiece - a 16x20 changing portrait of their choice.

I have spoken of Tim and his artwork before.  These changing portraits are not the cheap imitations that you see in stores - these are the real deal, expertly designed by a special effects artist with over 24 years of experience making monsters for film.  Tim’s work has won many haunt industry awards and has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Discovery Channel, CSI:Las Vegas, as well as on CBS and Fox Nightly News.  Take a look here to see what many of Tim’s customers have to say - ladies, can you find the dreadfully nice comments left by Mr. Brad Pitt?

The Ghoulish Gallery offers a spooktacular selection of over 50 creepy characters that are designed to help you have the kind of haunted event or personal ghost gallery that will long be remembered.  

The Ghoulish Gallery exhibit booth (above) - many a phantom family member hanging on these walls.  My favorite is the dearly departed Isabella.  This is the portrait that will be haunting my staircase this Halloween.

Are you dying to win?  Simply visit the gallery page and take a look at all the deliciously evil changing portraits that The Ghoulish Gallery has to offer.  Come back here and leave a comment letting us know which ghoul or guy you want hanging in your haunted mansion.  Next Wednesday we’ll randomly dig up a winner and if it’s you you’ll be well on your way to having the spookiest house on the street.  

Do you want to increase your chances of winning?  Post a link on your blog or website about this ghoulish giveaway and leave a second comment here letting me know that the information is on your site - resting in peace.

Make no bones about it...this is one Halloween giveaway that’s to die for.