ghostly table

Time is short but I just had to post this table that Marcie put together.  I love it and just wanted to share it with all of my party loving readers.

Marcie got the idea of a glowing table after seeing some illuminated lucite boxes.  She wanted the same effect and came up with her own DIY version - lamps under the table.  Easy and cheap with huge impact - you go Marcie!  

I love the ghostly effect of this glowing table.  Although I'm not having my annual Halloween party this year (moment of silence please) I'm thinking about trying out this ghostly table on Halloween night.  What a great place to have our treats set up for trick or treaters.

Marcie is in the midst of planning her own Halloween bash so if you are interested in seeing what else Marcie is cooking up in her cauldron of creativity go visit her at her blog A Life Made by Marcie. Tell her I said hi!

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Chris said...

I'm a big fan of the lighted glass blocks. They now sell the kits at Michaels!