location, location, location

I love this intimate dinner party from Jordan over at Oh Happy Day. The location is perfect. From Jordan's blog..."The party was set up smack dab in the middle of the Aquatic Park pier. There was the Golden Gate Bridge on one side, Alcatraz behind us, and all the lights of the city and Ghiradelli Square on the other side."  Don't you wish you had been invited?

Her post about this party made me think about what an important role location can play in a party.  Sometimes the simplest of parties can be made fabulous with a great location.

Quite a few years back my husband and I threw an Alias party.  Alias was a spy show starring Jennifer Garner that aired some years ago. The party was simple - a scavenger hunt type activity where teams searched for clues in an effort to reach the end prize followed by a dinner.  The dinner was especially simple - bagged lunches.  Yes, you heard me...bagged lunches but the dinner didn't matter much because of the party location.
We had dinner on the the roof of a building.  We had to scale the side of the building (very spy like) carrying our bagged lunches, I might add.  Tables, chairs and simple table decorations were waiting on the roof for us to enjoy our bagged delicacies.  It was all very simple but the location took it over the top and made it a party that people remember.

The next time you want to plan a party find an amazing location and then plan simple - no labor intensive centerpieces, no fine china, etc. It's all about location, location, location.

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Katie said...

Ugh! I've always regretted that we missed that party because I as so sick! I shoulda sucked it up and gone anyway! I tell people about it all the time... even though I didn't actually make it. You're the best ! I'm loving your blog, actually using a lot of your ideas and sending tons of friends your way! Keep it up... and we miss you all!