project runway finale + breast cancer = project pink

Ideas - I need ideas!

I have had this idea brewing in my head for the last couple of days and I'm not sure how to move forward with it.  So I send an appeal out to all of you party people - share some ideas with me.

I'm a Project Runway fan - I mean, who isn't?  If you aren't - don't tell me.  I want to still think highly of you :)  I wanted to throw a little shindig together for the finale of the show but wanted it to have some purpose.  With October being breast cancer awareness month and having a very dear friend afflicted by cancer I wanted to join Project Runway and breast cancer into a perfectly pink viewing party...Project Pink.

The problem...not sure where to go with it.  I can have a pink candies/sweets bar (channeling my inner Amy Atlas) watch the finale but what else?  It seams like I should have material, info, gift bags, something to educate guests about breast cancer and  encourage them to get to the doctor for mammograms.  I'd like to do something in honor of my friend that continues to fight this long battle against this nasty disease but what?

Help!  With all the party jive that continually floats through my head you'd think I could come up with something but I'm at a loss.


Kim & Ryan said...

Could you ask everyone to donate a certain dollar amount to a charity in your friend's name. Almost like a fundraising party, but low-pressure. I don't think anyone would have a problem with this if you did it upfront. You also must wear your favorite fashionable pink outfits for the occasion.

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Great idea on throwing the party. If you don't mind I think I am going to steal your idea.

Quick idea: I have a friend who works with the Y-ME breast cancer foundation and she forwarded me a link to a site called www.charitycases.com. The bags they sell are eco-friendly and are modeled after certain charities. This month is Y-ME

Each bag they sell they donate 40% back to the charity. I doubt you have time to order the bags, but maybe you could borrow the idea for your party or design your own.

Good Luck with the Shin Dig,

Ally McD

Anonymous said...

I am thinking you should do pink M&Ms monogrammed with your friend's letter and personalize it with lots of fun monograms encouraging guests to get mammogramed. Or you could use the letter M and all the foods could start with that letter...and be pink. It would be sooooo cute. P.S. I love Tim, Heidi, Korto, and Leanne. And, can I come?

amy * stem * said...

Please play trivia with quotes/catchphrases from past seasons and make guests match to the right designer.

Please also provide some raw materials and scraps or old thrift store clothing finds and have guests rework them into outfits to be judged by the "panel" you select.

Please set up your front walk like a runway and then put a sign on the back of your door that says "You may now leave the runway" for guests to see as they head home.

Please also move to St. Louis so we can play together.

Shall I keep going? You know I will. : )

Jen said...

Make your own pink ribbon cookies!

Make your party favors the pink bracelets here:


Or other fundraising items for the cure.

Great party idea!

Viv said...

Have a bunch of material, fabrics in all kinds of pink patterns and different shades of pink, and challenge your guests to make pink ribbons of their own. You should have lots of scissors and threads and needles, etc. on hand. Then sell them at Etsy, or auction them, or raffle them off to make money for breast cancer research.

If a ribbon isn't a good idea, ask them to create something pink that's bigger--they can select the fabrics at your party and you could give them a week to create a piece of clothing. Then, again, sell auction or raffle the items.

Whoever makes the most popular item up for sale/auction/raffle should get a special pink prize from you, or a donation in their name for breast cancer research!