political party - hand it to the candidates

I am always planning parties in my head - some end up happening, some stay in my noggin forever wishing that they had escaped.  The one jumping around now in my head is a Nov. 4th election shindig.
I have seen a lot of great election/political party stuff floating around the blogosphere.  So I'm compiling my favorites here at Little Ant hoping that it will motivate me to actually get this party out of my head and do some partying come Nov. 4th.

My first fave political party idea are these finger puppets from Fold US Candidate.  This would be a fun party activity as well as a great little party favor.
The other plus is that you can print them right from the computer throw in some scissors and glue and you wont have a financial crisis - we all know what a political hot button that is.

Speaking of saving money...use political yard signs as decorations. Collect signs between now and Nov 4th - the legal way, please.  No sign stealing - that's not becoming of the party obsessed.  Contact the various campaigns and find out how to get a sign but be sure to gather signs for both sides because some of your party guests may have differing views then you do and thats ok.
Check back for more ideas for my political party or leave a comment sharing your ideas for a great election day party.

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Anonymous said...

Cool idea. I'll try folding them before November 4th.