get your spook on: DIY candles

Here is an inexpensive & safe way to add some great drama to your Halloween party.  I love these DIY candles from Dave Lowe.

Nothing more than a cheap battery operated pumpkin votive, toilet paper tube, paint, match sticks, an old candle stick (hit up Goodwill) and a glue gun.  You can find directions here.


Marcie said...

Great find!! How ingenious! Thanks for sharing the love!

Natalie said...

Hi There,
First time here but I will definitely be back!
Fab idea. Thanks;D

Totally Tabletops the Blog said...

What a clever idea. Placing them in spooky candlesticks or candelabras would be the finishing touch!

Anonymous said...

Your family looks wonderfully ghoulish. Almost as ghoulish as me. Boo.