thanks to the ex boyfriend for the mix tape of love songs

I came across this idea over at Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest.  I love the graphic look of this closet and thought for a minute..."how can I turn this idea into a party?"

A while back I posted a brief little post about an 80's party - one day I'm going to throw this party. This cassette tape idea would translate perfectly into a party idea for a totally tubular 80's theme.  I am picturing cassette tapes covering a square or rectangle table with a piece of glass over top to keep it all steady and smooth.  Admit it, it would look cool.

So now I'm off to dig through the boxes containing my most precious high school possessions and hopefully I'll find all those love song mix tapes from my multitude of admirers (all three of them)  Maybe I won't be finding quite enough tapes to cover a table - perhaps I better hit Goodwill.


tangarang said...

I have sooo many tapes to loan you...oops, did I just date myself? Well, now that I'm all nostalgic for my bi-level hairdo, my D2 fedora (if you don't know what it is don't ask) and my prized plaid boyfriend blazer, can you send me an invite?

Danielle said...

How about the ones Derek and Ryan made before their missions :o)!

Ivanna at http://www.snapparties.com said...

That seems like it would be an awesome party! Would love to see pics when you get a chance to have it.