the hostess does it again

I love everything that Jenn over at Hostess with the Mostess does. She is beyond creative!  I know most of my readers probably read HWTM too so forgive me if you have seen this idea but I just had to post it.

Lately I have been all about the DIY projects that are easy and don't cost much.  Let's face it - parties can be expensive (just ask my husband who foots the party bills at our house)  Many people are facing tough economic times right now but we shouldn't let a lack of funds stop the party.  If anything, we need some good shindigs to keep us going in the tough times.

So look at what Jenn came up with...

How wonderfully spooktacular are these candle holders?  You love them, don't you?!?!?  Well check out how easy it is to make your own.  

They are made from nylons - yes nylons and some ribbon.  I always have Halloween type nylons left each year that someone wore for a costume and they never get worn again. Problem solved now.  Those old nylons will make a great little cover for my glass cylinders
No nylons?  How about using some inexpensive tulle - Halloween glamour!
Now get your mind going...how can you move this idea beyond Halloween?  I have seen brightly colored striped nylons - circus table anyone?  How about the colorful swirly pattern nylons I've seen at costumes store - I can see a groovy 60's table.  Or go basic - a simple white or cream nylon (patterned or not) would work for a wedding.  

The ideas are endless with this DIY idea.  Thanks Jenn for yet again providing so much party inspiration!


Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

Possibilities are endless! Cheap and it makes a large impact!

BLT said...

That is a very cool idea!

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

my mind is racing with ideas... thanks for sharing!

amy * stem * said...

I used black fishnet covered vases with some pink roses, little girl's plastic toy jewels and black feathers for a bachelorette party last year and it was super easy and cute, if I do say so.


I know you can go nuts with this!

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