political party - place your vote

I can tell where my day is going - hours on the computer searching out fun, new ideas for the party in my head (see previous post)  Sometimes a girl just needs to take a break from real life and plan a party - is that so bad?

Here is my next political party idea (you are getting the play on words, aren't you?!?!?) Political party = democrat, republican, etc. vs. political party = woo-hoo it's a party - food, drinks, friends and fun.

Back to the idea...

The plan is to set up cardboard voting booths throughout the party area as food stations. For an extra bit of fun you could even have ballots listing the names of each food item and let your guests vote on their favorite.  

I'm currently researching out the best prices for these little cardboard beauties - they seem to run around 25 dollars. You may have luck googling "cardboard voter booth" and finding them in your area to cut down on shipping costs.  

Does anyone have other ideas for these booths?  Share them here.


Marcie said...

I would love to have one of these for my Halloween Party...so people can cast their ballots for the costume contest! Cute!

denise said...

That is a great idea especially since it's an election year. You could rework the vote sign that is on the side - have vote be in a spooky font.

You could have a stack of ballots mimicking a real ballot but with a Halloween twist.

You always have great ideas!