get your spook on: 80's toy

So this has nothing to do with parties but it is Halloween related and I love it.  Really, who wouldn't want a haunted house full of Weebles?

The more I think about it you could turn this into a party.  How about an 80's themed Halloween party - the fashions and hair-do's were pretty scary.  Everyone can dress in their favorite 80's finery.  Play some Atari and pull out the Rubik's Cube.  Get some vintage MTV videos gong on a big screen.  This could be a lot of fun.

Just a note...I realize that Weebles are really more of a 70's toys but remember those of us that were 80's teenagers were 70's kids and we played with our fair share of Weebles.


tangarang said...

Thanks for stopping over at tangarang! I love your blog and am guilty of checking it out just about every day (but I'm horrible with leaving comments). Now that I'm at it, can I just say how much I ADORE your "back to school" table settings...what a perfect idea! And yes, let's talk parties... Kira

"Bones" said...

I love your site. It seems like you and I have very similar taste. Many of the things that have appeared on my site (www.hauntstyle.com) have appeared on yours as well.) I'd be honored if you would add me to the list of your "Halloween Inspiration" sites.

jenny said...

well it was a more like 1977 or 1978 toy my friend had one back then and well i always wanted one may be thats why i can rember when it came out. lol boy was it lot's of fun to play with .