playing with paper

I haven't had a chance to make any invitations in a long time so it was fun to work on some for Oakley's finance conference.  I will admit that when Derek first asked if I could do them I was a bit hesitant - it seemed like a lot of work to crank out 50 handmade invites, especially with no set theme.  I have said it before...I like working with themes, it gets my creative juices flowing. I also feel some stress when I do invites for other people - I want them to be perfect.

When the last invite was done and I tied them all up with a ribbon, ready for delivery I was glad that I had agreed to do them.  I loved having the chance to be creative and it was fun to pull out my sewing machine for something other than costumes.

For those that care the font used is walkway bold.  I got it from Dafont.  I get nearly all my free fonts at that site.