this time last year

I decided to check out my blog to see what I was doing this time last year and found that I was having much more fun last year on July 16th

I also realized that I am ready for a Potter fix. Where is my favorite boy wizard?  I believe the movie comes out this year (November, maybe) and I'm dying to see a trailer.  Rumor has it that it might play before Batman (which would mean tomorrow) or Star Wars in a few weeks (I think)  I don't have a desire to see either movie but would be tempted to buy a ticket just to see the HP trailer - crazy, I know but the HP movies are a favorite.  I love the sets, costumes, stories, etc. 

My secret desire is to be a set designer for the HP movies.  My dream will be ending soon since there are not many more movies but I can still wish - so if anyone can hook me up with some of those Brits in charge that would be great.

I would love to throw another Harry Potter bash but if the movie really does come out in November I don't think I can swing it right after all the Halloween hoopla that will have taken place.  I should have thought through it all and gone with a Potter theme for Halloween but I'm far too into the ghost town theme to change anything now.

Speaking of ghost town...Halloween plans are moving along.  I took care of my costume last week thanks to Ebay.  I also purchased 6 costumes from Costume Castle at a steep discount for the girls that will be our servers.  I have been hitting up Goodwill looking for western decor and have found a few things.  I have papers upon papers with lists and drawings of everything that needs to happen in the next 99 days.  Yikes, that's not much time to get ready for the big event.

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