harry potter party - it's done!

Our Harry Potter party is now done and gone.  I am relived but still a bit sad that it's over.

My kids (and their friends) have grown up with Harry so this party was kind of a big deal for them.  The books, the movies, the events and activities we've done over the years have all made for some amazing memories.  We'll miss all the hoopla surrounding our favorite wizarding world.

I am however confident that Harry Potter will live on in the imaginations of many and people will be able to conjure up a Potter party for years to come.  So although I'm packing up all my party jive soon, I know it will be used again and again to celebrate birthdays and Halloweens.

Anyway, let's start with the pictures (because I'm still beat up from the party all pictures will be unedited - yes, I am that lazy) Big thanks to the friends that actually took pictures (it's the only reason I have pictures from any of my parties)

I'll also come back and try to post how-tos for some of our decor over the next day or two.

When guests arrived they walked into the Great Hall and Sorting Area

Dobby grew a few inches

The Great Hall


waiting to put on the sorting hat to get sorted

guests reached into a bag to pull out a pin with their chosen house on it

my sons last minute costume (one of my favorites of the night) the golden snitch

these students are excited to be at Hogwarts


Susan Crabtree said...

looks incredible & so much fun! :)

Susan said...

Denise you did a great job. Now it may be time for a long rest. I love that you help to make all of these fun memories for the kids :)

Aimee said...

besides your party being fab as usual....the golden snitch is the awesomest costume of all time.

Anonymous said...

You are very creative. Great party! Where did you get the candles for great hall?

Anonymous said...

This party looks awesome. I am doing my own Harry Potter party this summer. I have quite a lot of questions I would like to ask you so I would greatly appreciate it if you could give my your email address for contact information. Please email me your reply at chandicer@yahoo.com. Thanks!