let the halloween ideas begin

Every year at this time I get it...the Halloween Itch.  There doesn't seem to be a cure for it and the onslaught of black and orange that is hitting all the stores makes it worse.  I love this time of year!

I am a lover of details so I love these simple stickers that can turn even the simplest get together into a party.  Instead of having a full blown Halloween party this year just invite some friends over for some scary movies with a dinner consisting of pizza and drinks.  Throw these labels on the bottles and you have instantly made your dinner and a movie into more of a party.
You can find the labels HERE.

More Halloween to come over the next weeks and months!


Lauren Parks said...

Oooo... I got my mind on Halloween too. I love these. I might have to get them :)And they are cheap too!

BTW - what type/size labels did you use for those labels last year for Halloween on the orange soda bottles?

denise said...


I'll try to find my file and see what size they were. If I can export them as a Jpeg - I can send you the file. Would you like me to do that?


Lauren Parks said...

Heck yes!

I mean... "Yes, please" :)

Did you really print on "labels" or paper and then just stick it?

Thanks Denise!

denise said...


I can't find my files - I may have done them on my old computer or maybe I trashed them (although I very rarely trash anything) I'll keep looking for them and let you know what I find out.

I'm pretty sure I printed them on paper and then ran them through my Xyron machine to give them a sticky back.

If you want my opinion always use label paper or a Xyron machine. Sometimes I see projects using double stick tape, etc. and I don't think it ever looks near as good as when using label paper or the Xyron - just my two cents.