After our move to a new home in April I had pretty much decided that a Halloween party was NOT going to be happening this year.  The move took a lot out out of me, not to mention our cash flow has taken a beating with an increased mortgage payment.  

Where do I stand now?  The thought of not having a party is killing me - Halloween is my holiday! So while I jump back and forth between the should I or shouldn't I have a party question one thing has been decided...

party or not - the yard and house will be decorated!

Hence my reason for this post.  I know that I sometimes get all caught up in the decor that I forget some of the other aspects of a party/event that can help create the mood like lighting, music, scents, etc.

Lighting and music/sound are especially helpful when creating a Halloween atmosphere and the folks over at Skull and Bone have what has become my favorite Halloween lighting tutorial.

You really need to take a minute and go HERE to check out the info and look at their diagrams to see what lighting can do for your Halloween haunt.  

Halloween not your thing?  Think about how these lighting ideas can improve your next party.  

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Brenda said...

I LOVE decorating for Halloween!