are you ready for some kickball?

To celebrate (or mourn) the end of Summer my daughter is having an end of Summer kickball party this weekend. Fun, right?  

Here is the invite I came up with.  
I created it with Illustrator but you could use whatever program you have.  The main text is [ank]*, "kickball" was done with Hard Rock and all the paint splats are Split Splat Splodge.  All these fonts are free from Dafont.  Oh, I forgot - the text on the player registration form is Century Gothic which is just on my computer.

Between the invite section and the player registration form I used a perforation blade to perforate the paper making it easy for guests to tear off their form and get it back to us.

I am now working on team shirts and finalizing a few other party details.  This won't be some elaborate party with great decor but I do think it will be fun for all involved.

Check back next week to see pictures of what is sure to be a heated competition. 

NOTE:  After posting I realized that the invite size is extremely small and hard to see.  If you are interested in the invite and would like to get a better look email me or give me your email address and I will send over a copy.


lisalyn said...

Looks great!!

MJ said...

That is fantastic! I'd love to have a copy!

Susan Crabtree said...

great invite-looks like so much fun!

hgrossmann said...

If you still have this, can you send it to me? My daughter wants to have a kickball party and this looks like a great invitation.

Anonymous said...

What are you doing for centerpeices? My e-mail is tcontreras@wickenslaw.com please also send the invite. it looks great!

Jen19027 said...

I love the tee shirts. My daughter is also interested in hosting a Kickball party as her 16th birthday party, so I was looking for ideas. Could you let me know where you ordered them from?

Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of the kickball invite, if you still have it!
Thank you in advance!