the phantom

Some folks call it phantom-ing some call it boo-ing - whatever you call it it's a fun Halloween activity that brings the party to the porch.

The picture above is my kiddos a couple years back ready to start our yearly tradition.  Its all very simple...make or buy a treat, include a phantom note (google "boo poems") and get ready to ding dong ditch - and really, who doesn't love doing that?  I am a huge fan of ding dong ditching.

The point of boo-ing is to make sure all the neighbors, your group of friends or whoever you decide to do this for all get a special delivery on their doorstep by the time Halloween rolls around.  Once you have been boo-ed you now have to deliver treats to 2 people, those 2 people deliver to 2 people each and so on and so on.

Our family always starts this tradition on the first of October or right around there.  If you want to do the same get to planning - find a poem, make a treat and share some Halloween love with your friends, family and neighbors.

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