light up your party

What do you think about these gothic style lanterns that I found over at Martha?  What a great addition to a Halloween party.  Change up the paper color and clip art and you could use them for a bunch of different themes.


David and Shalynna said...

Hi Denise! I came across two of the most adorable parties. You might have seen one already since the website is on your sidebar, but here are the links.



I just love your website and party ideas, so when I saw these fun ideas I thought you'd probably appreciate them. I'll have to tell Asialene to look at them as well- she loves this stuff too. :)

denise said...

Shalynna - thanks for sharing these. I had seen the superhero party - how cute is it? I had not seen the gingham party - it's adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Alexis said...

I love these...the shapes are great!

mining jobs said...

I love the design of the lanterns. It’s very beautiful!

Global city condo said...

That’s a very clever and creative idea! I can make your own lantern designs. Thanks.