the dads in the details

I just ran across this picture today - he's good looking, huh?  Yea, that's right he's my husband and you can't have him (although I am sure you want him after checking out this picture)

This picture goes to prove that my husband will sacrifice his own dignity to help make a party better.  

These pictures are from a few years back when the second High School Musical movie came out on Disney Channel.  My then tween daughter wanted to watch it in the backyard on a big screen for her birthday so we went to work planning.

It was a fairly simple party to plan and we didn't go too big with it.  Food was served cafeteria style (on cafeteria trays) hence the good looking food service worker pictured above.  I made the aprons for both husband and I to wear and added the ever stylish hair nets.

There are a few other things I wanted to share from the party that would be great to use now during the college football season.  Just change the colors to match your fav team and your all set for a great football party...

These chairback/placecards are a breeze to make.

Cut felt into a triangle shape.  Use iron on transfer paper to cut out a collegiate style letter and iron on.  The letters used were the first initial of each guests name with their full name written within the letter.  Example...a big letter S with the name Sydney written in the letter (you can kind of see that in the picture above)  Use a coordinating ribbon I used a paw print for Wildcats and tie them onto your chairs.

These were the invites for our HS Musical party (sorry for the poor quality of the photos)...

The pendant is felt with the invite being printed out iron on paper and ironed onto the felt.  The guests initial/name was printed out onto card stock and tied to the top of the pendant (this invite went to twin hence the two initials)  The pendant was glued to a wooden dowel.

The dowel was placed in a megaphone (purchased at a local party store)  the megaphone had been glued to a round cardboard base and the edges were covered with shredded paper that I glues on to mimic the look of a pom-pom.

Now that I've seen these pictures again and remember how easy this was to create I may get to work on my own football fete. 

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