alive and kicking

No posts - I'm sorry.  Here are my excuses...  

*4 kids starting school
*endless soccer practices and games
*homework headaches
*planning the following...
   kickball party cancelled - rescheduled for next week
   sons baptism and family dinner
   Halloween dinner party
   baby shower - Halloween theme, racking my brain
*costumes to plan and sew
*normal life on top of it all

Don't go too far - I will be back as soon as I can with party posting galore!



Kendra@My Insanity said...

Did you see my 'lil punkin baby shower. Hope that will help. I guess if you want more Halloween (not cute and autumnal), you could do "It's a ghoul!" (if it is a girl) or maybe "Little Monster" for a boy.



amy * stem * said...

I'm so right there with you. Work, parties and Operation Shower charity work leave ye olde Stem blog hurtin' for some love.

We're not going anywhere though. NO worries! :)

Nell said...

I think that maybe Halloween theme baby shower would be cute for
itsy bitsy spider !

denise said...

Kendra... thanks for sharing your ideas - i appreciate all the ideas I can get.

Amy...you are excused from blogging because of all your work with Operation Shower - I love that you do that.

Nell...what a great idea! I love it. I was thinking about going another route but I might need to rethink it now.