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We like to celebrate Aprils Fools Day at my house.  Here is a peek at the "chicken pot pie" I made a few years ago (2008)...

For our April Fool's dinner we had chicken pot pie and for dessert we had cupcakes.

Where is the fooling in that you ask?  The pot pie was made with vanilla pudding for gravy, dried pineapple slices for chicken, and candy for corn, peas and carrots.  

I was especially fond of the corn.  Who knew that nuking some Starbursts in the microwave could create such a good "clay" to mold little corn kernels?!?!?  The carrots were also Starbursts and the peas were nuked Airheads rolled into little balls.
The cupcakes were made from meatloaf and covered in purple mashed potato frosting.  We have had the cupcakes for previous April Fool's dinners  so the kids weren't as surprised by them (Luke was - he was obviously to young to remember the last time) but the chicken pot pie was a hit.  


courtneyb said...

awesome idea!!! I'm making it tomorrow.

Susan Crabtree said...

love it!! w eare making french fries & ketchup for dessert (cinnamon & sugar breadsticks with strawberry dipping sauce)that I posted this morning! http://puertabella.blogspot.com/2010/04/couldve-fooled-me.html

Aimee Molloy said...

wow - you are so creative! I am so impressed!

lindsay said...

Love chicken pot pie... look delicious!!

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