road trip parties

I love taking the party on the road.  Remember when we took our Harry Potter party to the movie line instead of having at our home?  My favorite on the road party was a few years back when my husband and I took off to Tahoe with some friends to see Jason Mraz in concert and have some fun in the snow.  

The party started in the car on the way up with specialized car kits for all the vehicles making the trip.  This kits included traveling tunes, food and more.  As soon as I can find pictures from this trip (I really need to organize the photos on my computer better) I'll post them.

I'm so wishing I had seen this idea before that trip.  Honestly, how cute is this?

I love this homemade car freshener found over at Design*Sponge.  What a brilliant idea!  The tutorial can be found here.

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