thank you spammer man

What is it with spammers?  I have had so many spam comments left on this blog as of late it's driving me crazy. 

I have always felt like blogs should be open for anyone to comment (kinda the point of blogging) and I have never used word verification on this blog because I think it's nice for people to not have to worry about it (besides sometimes it's impossible to read those dang words)  Well that is about to change.  I have now added word verification to comments thanks to some spammer in Japan.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Things like this make me mad (not to mention I'm a little irritable as I'm living on no sleep because of the flu in our house and the last few crunch days before the big Spring Formal I'm decorating for - will Saturday ever get here?!)

So I apologize to those of you that will no longer be able to just leave a comment but instead have to retype some crazy word that you can't always read.  I also apologize for my bad attitude and promise that once I've had some decent sleep I will be a much more pleasant blogger.


Amber said...

If it makes you feel better, I have had a couple also. It pisses me off because I get so few comments that I was excited and then 'bam' Asian filth. I am not a pro blogger, not tech savvy, not concerned about being a popular blogger, but really? Why?
I started my blog when I joined a baking group and couldn't figure out how to post my results when all of a sudden it was asking what I wanted to name my blog. So if they can get to little ol' me then you must be annoyed.
My word verification for you is nicepo, sort of cute.

lisalyn said...

Yep, they visited me too and I also had to add verification. :(

j@nAe said...

I think the bad attitude is justified. And I completely agree with your policy on comments. Too bad others ruin it!

HSDesigns said...

I have the same problem and it is REALLY irritating.

ashcraft8 said...

same problem here too. Twice in 1 month!!