time to hit the pillow

Maybe you're planning an intimate Valentines party for two or may be you're like me and you'll be up so late the night before Valentines helping kids make handmade Valentines (because that's what moms are supposed to do, right?) that you will be way too tired to think about a romantic dinner for two with a perfectly set table.  Even the most enthusiastic party girls can be slackers at times.

As much as I'd like to put together a Valentines shindig for me & the husband I already know that I'll be too tired thanks to the kids mentioned above - love them but they (and their Valentines) wear me out sometimes.  So here is a cute easy way to say I love you without setting a table.

I found these pillows today with the most adorable "love" graphics at Bold Loft.  This I can handle...put pillows on bed - write a heartfelt love note - place on husbands pillow - a Happy Valentines Day!

There are a lot more pillows over at Bold Loft as well as some darling t-shirts.  Head on over there - you may find something for your Valentine this year.

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