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I realize that I may possibly be breaking some party blog oath that exists somewhere in the party world universe by posting pictures of my kids.  I mean after all what do my kids (cute kids, I might add) have to do with parties?  Not much I guess, although most of the parties I have thrown in my time have been for them.    They have also been incredibly understanding at those times when I turn into psychotic party planning mom you know the one that tends to scream and yell because of the party planning stress and forgets to make dinner for a couple nights in a row because she just has to have a bit more time to work out the centerpiece.  

In reality I just wanted to posts pictures of my kids because we just did a great shoot with some awesome photographers and I'm a proud momma.  Besides, with the abundance of work being undertaken at the moment because of the move I need a small moment of stress relief and wanted to post and I don't have a single party idea floating in my heard - well, that's not entirely true...I did think of a fun party that is a take off of an HGTV show - but I'm not taking the time to post it.

So if you are interested in taking a peek at my personal life and seeing the 4 little ones that I call mine you can visit Jay Reilly's site here or Ashlee Raubach's blog here.  There are pictures of a lot of kids - mine are the 2 older girls (plaid shirt and striped blue and yellow shirt) and the 2 boys (9 & 7 yrs old with short hair)

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Dot O said...

Love those pics!!! Such different and very innovative poses - very candid looking.

Go on, you deserve to use your blog to brag about them! They are beautiful photographs and some pretty handsome/beautiful kids!