totally rad baby shower, fer sure!

Run, don't walk over to Jessica Claire's blog  and check out her January 14th post.  Jessica is an amazing photographer and from the looks of the baby shower she put together for a friend she is an even better party girl.

The cake is amazing - love the garbage pail kids & the people pics are to die for - you just have to see them.  For some the pictures will take you back to that time that we all thought we were super stylish - what were any of us 80's kids thinking?!?!?


brit.brit.brit said...

wow. now that's some serious inspiration.thanks!!

amy * stem * said...

This is INSANE. Love it.

I nominated you for a blog luv award today. Tag - you're it. (Don't kill me.)

Setting the Mood said...

Looks like you've already been tagged for the LUV award. I won't make you do it again...but I do LUV your blog!