carry out your theme

I love entertaining at Halloween!  You can go all out with some great spooky themes.  Why not carry out your haunted theme with a Halloween inspired answering machine message?

Every year at this time we switch out our regular boring message with this message delivered in a witch voice...

double double boil and bubble
I'm not home so what's the trouble
eye of newt and toe of frog
wool of bat and tongue of dog
I'm not home, leave me alone 
and leave a message at the tone
(cackling witch laugh and scream in place of the beep)

You can find the message we use, as well as others here.

If you are throwing a Halloween bash imagine how fun it would be for guests to hear this message when they rsvp. Small, simple details like this make the whole party experience more fun as it builds anticipation for your event

1 comment:

Hollis said...

Cute Idea. I have never thought of that before. I love going All out! THis is true dedication to Halloween!