need a reason to party?

It's mole day! Ya, I hadn't heard of it either but it's an excuse for a party. The only reason I know about this glorious holiday, that is sure to sweep the nation (I hear it has the potential to pass Christmas as the favorite holiday), is because my daughter had to sew a stuffed mole for her chemistry class. Sewing/chemistry?!?!? Don't ask.

The kids had to design the mole after something or someone that would allow them to add mole to the name, for example...

Edward Cullen/Edward Molen - this one would have been awesome!

You get the idea. Anyway, here is what my daughter came up with..

Any ideas on who this mole might be? Eternal glory awaits those with the right answer so put your thinking caps on because don't we all want some eternal glory?

I thought her mole came out pretty darn cute, so cute in fact that we may make some more of these magnificent moles for gifts. Anyone have good ideas for things or people with mole names? Perhaps we'll pick the one we like best and send you your own mole. I know it's been your life long dream to own a stuffed mole made by some high school kid - admit it!


Sea Gypsy said...

Could this possibly be "Draco Molefoy"?

What an adorable little mole!

Kristine said...

It is definitely Harry Pottimole...or Moley Potter...a close tie. (Harry Potter)

He is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E

Bec said...

Draco Molefoy! So cute!
What a fun project...maybe I would've liked chemistry more if the homework would've been like this!
Big hair, short skirt & a microphone: Moleriah Carey
A necktie & an American flag: Barack Molebama
A little Indianapolis Colts jersey: Payton Moleing
I've got to stop...this is too much fun!

Sea Gypsy said...

The mole name game has been running through my head, so I had to come back and post a few.

Edgar Allen Mole
Molechael Jackson
The Molesen twins, Mary Kate & Ashley
Ronald Moledonald
Angelina Moleie

This mole name thing is quite addicting :)

Thanks for the fun!

Kristine said...

My competition is fierce...I am going to have to come back with some more names...

ok..who is Draco Molefoy? help me out...I just knew I pegged it with Moley Potter.

denise said...

This is hilarious - my daughter and I are loving the guesses and all the names for other moles.

Sea Gypsy and Bec are correct that this moley little guy is Draco Molefoy better known as Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter's teenage enemy at Hogwarts. Good job guys!

Keep the names coming - we are getting lots of good laughs.

Kristine said...

Molie Osmond

who's actual birthname was Olive Marie Osmond...I guess she didn't like Olive.

Moleberry Shortcake

Molela Maples

Moletha Stewart

Mary Tyler Mole

Molelissa Joan Hart


Harriet Tubmole


Moleskin Ford

Mole Gibson

Moley McGuire

that's all I've got for now...but I'll be back ;)

lisalyn said...

So cute!! What a great job!

I'd name him Sir Molesaman.

Sweetly Sweet said...

I am a chemist, so I find it very cute!!!


Anonymous said...

if she had left him bald, he could have been Moledemort.

Suzy said...

I hear there's going to be a new game show to go along with it: Who Wants to be a Moleionaire. And I'd love to have the pattern for the Mole. SO cute. If you'd dressed him in a priest's robe he could be Holy Moley.

Susan said...

I seem to be a year late commenting on your post, but my daughter just came home from school yesterday and asked me to help her sew up a Mole. "Sew up a what?" - "A Mole" she said, "for chemistry." Well, after being totally befuddled, she showed me this pattern (1/3 of it missing because it didn't print correctly) and now I must help her make this mole. Yours is so adorable, I was hoping you still had your pattern and would share it with a fellow creative blogger.

Thanks! Love your Mole!! It's Moletastic!


Anonymous said...

ummm i know that this was posted last year but i wanna know how your daughter made this? im doing the same project for chemistry and im planning on doing a Harry Mole-er (Harry Potter). i dont know how to do it so can you please help me? i will really appreciate it. thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

This is really cute, if you don't mind could you tell me the material you used to make the body? Felt? Fleece? (: