the volturi have arrived - new moon jane costume

Any New Moon fans out there? If so, you may recognize this pint sized vampire who is here visiting from Italy.

My daughter decided to be Jane, the Volturi guards silent secret weapon, for Halloween this year. The costume is not quite done but she was off to a Halloween party tonight so she had to wear it as is.

The sleeves aren't hemmed yet - they're just folded up underneath the sleeve, hence the discrepancy in lengths (that will be fixed before Halloween) I also need to clean up some raw edges around the neckline before the big candy coma induced night.
Most of it's done though and both she and I are pleased with the almost finished product. The eye color makes this costume - I was thrilled we got our hands on some contacts in a short amount of time. I called the optometrist on Monday and we had the contacts on Tuesday so she would have them to wear tonight.
She has plans to get multiple uses out of this costume - she wants to wear it to the theater for the midnight release of New Moon and just stare people down while quietly telling them "this may hurt just a little" Check out the trailer here to see Jane, played by Dakota Fanning, say that line - she's an evil little blood sucker.

Hope every one's Halloween party plans are on track and that you are getting your costumes taken care of as well. I always love to see Halloween parties and costumes so send pictures my way of any of your holiday happenings.


janae said...

WOA those pictures are awesome. I like the faded edges touch on the first one. And you're right, those contacts really do make the costume. That is amazing!

Tara said...

Outstanding! Just featured in on Tara's Twilight Party!!!

jociegal said...

Wow - FANTASTIC job!!! That looks amazing.

Kendra@My Insanity said...

What a very cool costume! Lucky girl!

Lauren Parks said...

I want some vampire contacts :) so creepy

Ginny said...

Such a cool costume, the eyes are awesome!

I have to say as well that I am so happy Dakota Fanning is playing Jane. She is absolutely perfect for it!

Great idea for a costume, love you can get a lot of use for it!

Hannah said...

Wow, awesome! Big fan of the Twilight series, I wish I would have thought of this for Halloween. Might have to get myself some contacts for the movie night too, how fun!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Oh.my.lord. Amazing costume. Love the contacts.

I'm dying over here. Dying.

I want to be Jane.

(thanks for stopping by the blog.)

Anna Kristine said...

Wow, her costume came out great! Thanks for sharing with me!
Jane just gives me the creeps. :) haha Those contacts are so awesome and creepy! I'm sure she'll make an impression at the movie theater!

mommakp831 said...

How did you put makeup on her looks so soft? I dont like the white makeups from stores that looked so "cakey" Can you explain to me how did you do and what product did you use? Thanks :)