countdown to halloween

I know Martha bugs a ton of folks (myself included) but you can't doubt her creative genius and that of her staff.

On marthastewart.com they have a countdown to Halloween with a new Halloween idea of everyday.  I am a few weeks behind with it because I just found it today but now that I'm on board I will share her idea or one of my own every day here on the blog to help us all get ready for the big spooktacular - Oct. 31st.

Here are some of the ideas I like from the past few weeks...

tombstone candy bags - super simple and way cute

This roasted turkey costume almost makes me want to have a baby.  I in no way want more children but I would possibly consider a 5th child if I could put them in this get up.  How hilarious is this costume?  If anyone does this costume for Halloween please send me pictures - I have to see it.
I have wanted to make these paper lanterns for years.  I love seeing the words all lit up.  I like the idea of there being a spooky message to welcome visitors to your home.  I like that this is a cheap idea with a lot of impact.
Have I said how much I love this holiday?  It makes me giddy thinking about decorating my house for Halloween.

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