get your spook on - somebody set the table

I just finished setting our table for the holiday season (no, not Christmas - the other holiday season) and I think it is one of the easiest ways to add some fun to your decor.  

I must throw in this disclaimer...this is a much nicer idea when you have a dining room separate from your everyday eating area.  We do not have that luxury (cut me some slack, real estate is pricey in Orange County) This tablescape gets pushed around more than any bullied kid I know to make room for homework and dining.  

Yes, I said it - dining.  We move the beautifully set table so we can eat on our everyday, sturdy white Ikea plates. Crazy?  Probably, but my husband loves me in spite of it all so all is right with the world.

The "trees" down the middle of the table are from Ikea - seriously love that store!  I purchased them forever ago on sale for like 25 or 50 cents a piece.  I'm not sure why they were marked down so low since they still carry them (current price is just around $5) but I'm not arguing. I originally bought them thinking they would be cute with family pictures tied to them as a family reunion centerpiece.  When I needed something not too big for this table I decided that these would work as a modern take on spooky dead trees.

The place settings consist of orange wooden chargers bought on clearance at Z Gallerie.  Keep an eye on the clearance area of all your favorite stores - you can decorate an expensive looking table for little money if you just shop for bargains.  Want to mimic the look but can't find a good deal on chargers - cut some mdf board or wood from the local home improvement store into the size you want and paint it. Better yet find an orange stain and stain the wood allowing the wood grain to show through.

The silver boney hands also came from Z Gallerie (I think)  I believe I paid full price for these because "I just had to have them" - you know how that goes.  I think that these could be reproduced cheaper with plastic skull hands and silver metallic spray paint.  If anyone tries it let me know how it turns out.

The orange napkins can be found anywhere and then just add your own silverware.  A big pat on the back to anyone that can tell me what movie our silverware has been seen in.
The orange soda bottles I found at Cost Plus (another favorite party store).  I'm not sure of the brand.  You could use Jones or some other orange soda.  I chose this one because it had  plain orange cap with no writing.  The label I made on the computer using s clip art skull and Dead Secretary as my font.
I may add some candles at some point but for now it's good.  I love seeing the traditional orange and black table set up every day and the bonus...it helps with house cleaning since we can't pile bills, papers and other garbage on top of it.

Make some plans to decorate your dining room table for this Halloween.  I even give you permission to wait until it's a bit closer to the 31st so you don't have to push around the place settings you big bully.


denise said...


At Home with Kim Vallee said...

Congratulations! It is great start, Denise. You gave great tips that people can use to make their own tablescape. I love the wood grain and patina on your table. It complements your design.

I am thrilled that more women are starting to talk about home parties. Beside Hostess with the Mostess, they were nothing on the subject when I started my blog. Encouraging women to start blogging or to blog more was my motivation for the presentation I gave last weekend. You can check it out at http://snurl.com/3sqf3

M-Eve said...

You did agreat job and I love the silver hands into your plates!

We also had a French e-zine about stylism event. Our address is www.momentomagazine.com

Have fun and can't wait to see your next post!

ConnieC said...

I found my way here from the Hostess with the Mostess blog. I love your table scape. Good luck on the new blog.

Pumpkin Petunia said...

I love it! Very modern and fun.

Kendall said...

This is so so so cute! I love that you are a bargain shopper too, it is so refreshing! I started trying to set my halloween table the other day but took it down because I thought it was too early. For the bottle labels, what program did you make them in? Would you mind posting it for download?

Kendall said...

What movie is your silverware used in?

Annie said...

Love this party!

tiina said...

Very stylish! Happy Halloween!

Katybug said...

The movie(s) are Harry Potter! Used in the banquet hall scenes!

angelynnt said...

I love this! especially the 'silver boney hands'! I must have my own! Anyone know where I can find some?