get your spook on - terrifying type

Ok, so it's not really terrifying but it is type.  I also realize that this idea won't work for everyone - only those that happen to have a cool vintage typewriter.  So perhaps today's tip is really just for me - my apologizes.  Let's make this yesterdays tip since I just realized I didn't post one yesterday

Remember my happy closet?  That is where the typewriter I found at Goodwill (awesome find, huh?) resides.  I ran across this photo today and the ideas started to swirl in my tiny little Halloween obsessed brain.  

My plan...cover up some of the keys with black and orange paper (I think I will go with circles - not spiders like in the photo) leaving some of the keys exposed.  I like the idea of the letters left spelling out something almost as if a presence from beyond is trying to leave a message.  I'll also need to find a place for my ghost writer typewriter to occupy during this Halloween season.

No typewriter?  Try a ghost writer approach with something else.  How about magnets on your fridge or magnet board?  What about using some of that Christmas snow spray on your window or mirrors and handwriting a spooky message in it - it will give the impression of someone scrawling a message on a steamy mirror or foggy window. What message from beyond is your resident spook trying to share?

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