get your spook on - seven deadly sins

I came across these great mingling plates while checking out Z Galleries new Halloween products.  When I saw them I instantly thought of a great theme and table idea that I saw at The Special Events Show in Los Angeles in 2007.
The theme for the table was a Sinners Dinner focusing on the 7 deadly sins.  You can read more about the table here at the Special Events website.  While attending the show I was struck with inspiration and borrowed ideas from the Sinners Dinner to use at my own Halloween party last year.  I loved the idea of having mismatched old vintage silverware for the place settings like the "sins" table did so that's what I went with on our Halloween tables.

The vintage, unpolished silverware was one of my favorite elements on the table.  I was especially fond of the fork above - look at its shape.  Is it not beautiful?!?!  Do you think its unhealthy to be in love with a fork?

But back to the plates from Z Gallerie...

I can picture these plates being used for a great Halloween cocktail party.  You can add elements to your party that represent the 7 sins.  Your food table could be "gluttony".  How about setting up a lounge area for "sloth".  What other party ideas can you think of for the other sins?

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